Dale Wolford



I play Yamaha Saxophones Exclusively!

For over 30 years I have enjoyed the tone and control I have with my Yamaha saxophones. Here is what I currently play:

Yamaha Soprano saxophone - YSS-62

Mouthpiece - Selmer Concept, Selmer Soloist D (vintage) or Clark Fobes Nova
Gonzales 3-1/2 to 4 reeds
Vandoren Optimum or Rovner “dark” ligature.

Yamaha Custom Gold Plated Alto saxophone with G2 neck - YAS-875EXG

Selmer S-90 with 180 facing (classical)
Silverstein Classic Silver ligature
Reeds - Vandoren V21 or Legere "Signature" size 3-1/2 to 4
Meyer New York Limited Edition 5M jazz/commercial playing with Vandoren Java size 3 reeds

Yamaha Tenor saxophone - YTS-62II

Vandoren Optimum TL4 (classical) - Gonzales or Legere "Signature 3-1/2 reeds
Rovner “dark” ligature
Ponzol M1 metal (jazz) - Vandoren Java size 3 reeds for jazz/commercial playing

Baritone saxophone mouthpiece

Selmer S-80 C* with Vandoren size 3-½ reeds, and Rovner “dark” ligature

Midi Wind Controller

Yamaha WX7 wind controller
Yamaha VL-70M sound module

My horns